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BrokenCrow Play Clinics

As part of our Arts Council sponsored programme of work in Garter Lane, BrokenCrow Theatre Company are happy to announce the return of our very popular Play Clinics. These take the form of two hour sessions in which the company (and invited readers) will read your play and offer constructive feedback. It is not something that we undertake with a view to production but just in service to the work.

BrokenCrow's whole way of working involves intense feedback from a multidisciplinary team of actors, writers, designers and directors. We are looking forward to sharing that approach with successful applicants. Places are open to makers at all stages of their careers and from all performance disciplines. The only thing that we ask is that the play is not finished and that you are open to honest responses and feedback. We have two weekends scheduled in Garter Lane. These will be on August the 12/13th and October 14/15th. We will be accepting submissions from Thursday the 13th of July @ 9.00. Submissions will be open for a week. Demand has been really high for these clinics in the past, so please do apply as soon as you can. Also, the company reserves the right to prioritise work that we feel will benefit from the process. Please email from Thursday the 13th of July @ 10.00. please include your script/working document and a brief bio.

(photo by Enrique Carnicero of Evan Lordon's foot.)

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